Horse's teeth grow constantly until old age and in the meantime they eat diets that are different to those that they were evolved to eat, namely concentrated feeds rather than grass. This causes teeth to become sharp and to wear unevenly over time. At Bundanoon Veterinary Hospital we believe that a thorough dental examination, balancing and floating of teeth and any other needed dental treatments should only be performed by a qualified veterinarian using adequate sedation and modern dentistry tools such a power float. There are several reasons for this:

- Only a qualified veterinarian is professionally trained to and in fact legally able to perform an act of diagnosis on an animal;

- Only a qualified veterinarian is appropriately insured for professional work performed;

- Only a qualified veterinarian may sedate a horse;

- We believe that without sedation it is impossible to take the time necessary to perform a proper dental examination, produce a complete dental chart, diagnose and treat any pathology, balance and float all teeth including the very back molars which cannot be reached properly without a power float.

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