Pet of the Month

April 2022 - Ghost

Ghost is one of the coolest cats in Bundanoon. Ghost is a regular boarder with us, where he loves his cuddles (in particular his butt scratches) and a good brush. His sweet and friendly nature has made him a fan favourite of our staff.

Ghost was recently seen for a dental after his pre-vaccination health check revealed some not-so-nice teeth. Ghost had a total of 5 teeth out and recovered well at home. Bad teeth is a common issue in both cats and dogs, which can be hard to recognise as they often hide the pain. Once teeth are cleaned and any damaged or rotting teeth are removed, pets are often much happier and pain free. 

We look forward to seeing Ghost back at some point and to see his new pearly white smile!

March 2022 - Ginger

Ginger is one of the sweetest feline residents in Bundanoon. Ginger presented to us for a stitch-up of an abscess on his chin. Prior to undergoing an anaesthetic, we ran routine bloods on Ginger. These bloods were highly indicative that Ginger may have been suffering from Diabetes. With some further diagnostics including urinalysis and a fructosamine test, Ginger was diagnosed with Diabetes. This is not an uncommon disease and can be successfully managed with specialised food and insulin injections. Throughout the diagnostics and treatment process, Ginger has been an absolute gentleman, who is much loved by all us staff.

Ginger's abscess was drained and repaired, and he is now being treated for his diabetes.


February 2022 - Goatie

This little goat was one of our cutest patients of February. Unfortunately for her, she had a sore leg, but with some love from Dr Bianca and a colourful splint she is doing better. We are hopeful that with rest and splinting this little angel will be back to her normal shenanigans in no time.


January 2022 - Snorkel

Snorkel is one of Bundanoon's newest members, and what a cute new addition he is. Snorkel has come to visit us with mum Pippa a couple of times throughout the month. Initially in for a new puppy check over and then for his vaccinations. The dear little snorkel had no trouble winning over the team here at Bundanoon Vet with his cute little smile and chivalrous character. As for all puppies and dogs of Bundanoon whether new additions or seasoned oldies we encourage pet parents to pop in with them just to say hello and grab a treat. We want to make the vet a positive experience for all.


December 2021 - Vinny

This month's pet of the month is Vinny. Mr Vinny gave his mum quite a scare over the new year period after being found unconscious and paralysed. After a quick and thorough veterinary examination it was determined that Vinny had a not so friendly encounter with a 'danger noodle'. With some intensive veterinary care and dedicated nursing, Vinny has made a full recovery and is now enjoying his best life with his fur siblings; Tigger and Peppi and his mum. 



November 2018 - Jeanie

This month's pet of the month is Miss Jeanie.  Unfortunately Jeanie has been very unwell over the past weeks.  She initially came in for treatment for pancreatitis and was also diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus whilst she was here.

Jeanie's parents were kind enough to allow Jeanie spend a weekend with Dr Bianca and her family while her insulin treatment began.  She started the few days quite anxiously but very quickly made herself at home and became a part of the family! you can see by the photos!!

Although Jeanie is not enjoying her blood tests or insulin injections, she is still very keen on cuddles and her tail has started wagging at each visit!