January 2024 - Harvey

Meet the regal Mr Harvey. Dear Harvey came to us this month, lame on his hind leg. After some initial treatment of pain relief, we did an X-ray of Harvey's foot to ensure there wasn't anything more sinister going on. This X-ray uncovered that Harvey had broken his toe.

Due to the nature of the break, and the location, it was determined that, unfortunately, it would never heal, and the best option moving forward was to amputate the toe.

Harvey, now one toe short, is still just as much a real dog as any other, and once the healing process is complete, he will be much happier for it.

Harvey also demonstrated perfectly in this video why we as vets love our cones of shame! While Harvey's toe is healing beautifully, if he was able to get to it and lick it, as he thinks he is, then we would be in a world of trouble and need new stitches!

The gorgeous Harvey has been a gentleman in all his visits, and we can't wait to be able to give him the thumbs-up to take off the cone. 😉


December 2023 - Chloe

Meet Chloe, the gorgeous Beaglier. The delightful Miss Chloe has been to see us a few times this past month. The little angel has had some trouble with her heart and a sore paw.

With some medication and some extra Christmas cuddles, she is doing really well. Whilst we have all come to adore the special lady, we hope that the new year brings her nothing but health and a few less vet visits. 


November 2023 - Jill

Jill is a gentle and loving older girl. And wow, isn't she photogenic? We could all use some modelling tips from this divine girl. 

Jill presented to us this month as she was feeling a bit off colour. With some blood tests and a hospital stay for some fluid therapy, Jill has shown some improvement. Whilst still on the mend, we wish this gorgeous girl the best and can't wait to see her back to her usual self.


October 2023 - Banjo

Banjo is one of our most food driven patients, who despite his aging years definitely still has to most overwhelming puppy dog eyes!! When hew puts them on you, you just can't help but say "yes Banjo, you can definitely have another treat."

Banjo has been coming in regularly this month for Pentosan injections and Beransa to help his arthritis. At nearly 18 years of age, Banjo is still going on regular walks, and takes just about anything in his stride.

We all hope to age just as gracefully as the gorgeous Banjo, and hope that we still have his love for life and treats at his age.

September 2023 - Pablo

Gorgeous Pablo came to us this month for castration and it was found that he had a nasty ear infection with some sores on his ears.

Whilst he was previously a feral cat that was taken in by his lovely owners that were caring and responsible, hence getting him desexed and chipped, he was nothing but a gentleman to handle, and we all fell quickly in love with the gentle soul.

Despite treatment of the ear infection with quickly resolved the sores unfortunately got worse. When we undertook further diagnostics including a blood test for FIV, it was unfortunately determined that poor Pablo was suffering from this disease.

FIV is the cat equivalent to HIV or AIDS in people. It is spread between cats through bodily fluids, usually saliva or blood from fight wounds and can be passed from an infected mother to her kittens via the womb. This disease weakens the immune system of the animal, making them much more likely to suffer from infections and viruses and makes it much harder for them to recover from them. It is often flared up by concurrent illness or disease or from environmental or emotional stressors.

Any cat that is spends time outside, particularly if they fight with other neighbourhood cats are at risk of contracting this disease if not vaccinated, with male cats more commonly found the have the disease (due to their boyish tendency to defend their territory and therefore engage in fights). Their is a vaccination available to protect against it and we recommend vaccinating outdoor cats for it.

*Please note - the vaccination is currently on manufacturer back-order however if you would like to go on a wait-list, please get in touch with one of our friendly staff members.

August 2023 - Winnie

The divine Winnie is a gorgeous English Springer Spaniel lassie. Since coming to puppy preschool we haven't seen Miss Winnie for much due to her young age and good health. 

She however presented this month with a small lump on her eyelid. Whilst diagnostic testing determined that this lump was likely not harmful it was causing some irritation to Winnie's eye, and we all know how horrible it is to feel like there is something in your eye. It was therefore removed to avoid any damage through abrasion to the eye and to help Winnie feel better.

Despite the small surgery wound Winnie is still an amazingly attractive lady and will now be able to strut her stuff without worrying about her eye. We all adore Winnie and love her beautiful nature and stunning good looks.

If your pet has any lumps or bumps that you are concerned about, particularly near the eyes, it is a good idea to have them check to ensure they aren't causing any damage or discomfort.


July 2023 - Nelson

Meet the lovable Nelson. Nelson is a gorgeous 13 year old DSH cat. The beautiful nelson was an absolute champ for his visit this month, and was a favourite of ours.

Nelson came in to see us this month as he as been a little out of sorts, in particular he was very hungry but not gaining any weight. After doing a routine physical and running some diagnostic tests it was found that Nelson was FIV positive.

Did you know that it is estimated in Australia that between 14-29% of all cats are FIV positive. With it being more common in entire males (due to the increased likelihood of them fighting with other cats).

What is FIV? FIV is the equivalent of HIV in humans and is spread via the saliva of infected cats through cat fight wounds. It is therefore contagious to other cats (not humans) and generally spread through outdoor cats fighting amongst each other.

FIV suppresses the immune systems which means that infected cats cannot fully protect themselves from common bacterial and viral infections.

Cats that are diagnosed with FIV can still live long happy lives, they are just more prone to concurrent illness and take longer to recover from everyday problems.

So how can you protect your cat. Cats that are indoor only reduce their risk of contracting the disease to nearly 0%. If you have an outdoor cat, you can get them vaccinated against FIV. This is not included in their core F3 vaccination but can be given at the same time (they do however need an initial course of 3 injections to be fully covered).

To find out more, or to book in for vaccination, please give the clinic a call on 0248836944


June 2023 - Molly

Miss Molly the divine Ragdoll is our pet of the month for June. She is one beautiful kitty on the inside and the out!

Molly has been coming in to us for a few months now to get a monthly injection to help her with her arthritis. This is extra important at the moment with the cold weather we are starting to experience. The monthly injection that Molly has be receiving is called Solensia and is a relatively new drug on the market targeted at reducing pain associated with osteo-arthritis in cats. We have so far had some fantastic responses to treatment with Solensia and with Beransa the dog equivalent, and highly recommend it for the treatment of pain related to osteo-arthritis in both cats and dogs.

If you have found that your furry friend has been slowing down, maybe the don't want to get out of bed in the morning (who can blame them 😉) or don't like to be as involved in your daily activities as they used to be, it might be time to have a check with one of fantastic vets to see if the changes in their behaviour are due to any unwanted pain.

Solensia and Beransa are just one option that may be used to help get your four-legged child back to bouncing around in no time!



May 2023 - Blue

Blue is out pet of the month due to his gorgeously gentle nature. Blue presented to us with a nasty gash on his lateral shoulder. Despite the large size of this wound, Blue just strolled on in and has been nothing but casual for any of his visits.

Due to the size of the wound, our skilled vet on the day, Dr Biance needed to do pressure-relieving sutures under the wound, to take some of the tensions of the skin, and to place a drain, so any build up of fluid can be drained.

Whilst is unknown what caused the wound, it's healing beautifully, and we know this special man will be back to his usual self in no time.



April 2023 - Frankie

The beautiful Frankie came in to us this month to have a small lump near her backside checked out. Frankie has had Mast Cell tumours in the past so her mum is very diligent in checking her over regularly for any lumps or bumps.

With some further cytology testing it was determined that this seemingly innocent little lump was also a nasty Mast Cell tumour.


Rather than put Frankie through another general anaesthetic to surgically remove the mass, Phoebe opted to let us use Frankie as our Guinea Pig for a new drug called Stelfonta. Stelfonta is a new drug to the market for the treatment of Mast Cell Tumours in dogs. It is injected into the tumour and works by attacking the nasty cells whilst leaving the healthy tissue untouched. This causes the mass to slough off and then heals like an open wound with the process complete by roughly day 7 and the wound completely healed by around day 28.


This drug in particular is a fantastic new option for Mast Cell tumours that are located on an area of the body where surgical margins are hard to get (such as the legs, feet, tail and head), and where closure of these areas may be incomplete (resulting in delayed wound healing times) or in dogs who are poor anaesthetic candidates due to age or comorbidity. There are some limitations of the drug, however it is a new option that can be discussed with your veterinarian.


Below are photos of the ever gentle Frankie and progress shots from Day 0 (before the injection of Stelfonta) to Day 3 and Day 5. We will continue to add updated photos as the site heals.



March 2023 - Lulu

The lovely old lass Lulu is a legend here at the vet clinic. Lulu has been coming to us regularly this month for Pentosan injections to help with her arthritis. She has also just started on a new medication called Beransa. This medication specifically targets the pain receptors linked to osteo-arthritis and can be very effective at providing pain relief.

The gorgeous Lulu is doing well on these drugs and is feeling all prepared for Winter, not that it takes much with this special girl. You can see in her facial expressions and calm approach to everything, that she has been there, done that, and just has a very stoic, happy approach to life. We all just wish we could take everything in our stride as well as Lulu does.



February 2023 - Phantom

The gorgeous and bubbly Phantom is one of our absolute favourites. Phantom has been coming to us regularly the last month for routine blood screening as part of his chemotherapy protocol.

Phantom first came to us at the end of last year as he was just a little off and was sore to the touch. After some preliminary diagnostics we referred him to the amazing team at VSOS animal hospital for a further work up.

This work-up revealed that the gorgeous boy had a mass on his lungs. Since then the gorgeous and bubbly fellow has had surgery, and is now receiving chemotherapy.

Phantom takes everything in his stride, always bounding in & out the door, happy to give out cuddles and is very vocal when you take to long get everything ready! Phantom is an absolute champion and we all enjoy his visits.



January 2023 - Cyrus

How can you not fall in love with that smile. The big beautiful boof that is Cyrus, really knows how to blow you away with his gorgeous personality and dazzling smile.

The gorgeous Cyrus originally presented to us not as happy and bright as you can see in his pictures. After some diagnostic tests it was determined that Cyrus was involved in a not so friendly encounter with a snake.

Luckily the team here were able to get him the care and treatment he required, and he is back to feeling like his usually happy self.



December 2022 - Charlie & Orlando

These two adorable bun buns hopped into the clinic for their Calci vaccinations. While they were here, we couldn't help but fall in love with the two cuties.

Big brother Charlie has taken little Orlando under his wing and is showing him all the ropes of being a cool and lovable bunny.

Did you know that we know have access to a new vaccine for Calci virus in rabbits. This new vaccine now covers both strains of Calci is only required once a year. Little rabbits as young as Orlando (from 10 weeks of age) can be vaccinated to help keep them safe.



November 2022 - Scout

Isn't Scout just the cutest little pup you have seen?

The stunning Scout came to see us as her lovely owners had noticed that she was a bit lame. After a pain-medication trial and some X-ray's it was determined that the gorgeous little Scout was suffering from a condition known as Osteochondritis (OCD). With some conservative management and specialist surgery, this special girl will be back to bouncing around in no time.

Scout has been an absolute Angel both visits here with us and took everything in her stride, and we all can't wait to see how she matures.



October 2022 - Basil

Basil is one cool dude. Basil originally came to us to have a nasty lump removed from his elbow. Since removal, he has had to come visit us quite a few times to have the bandage changed, due to the awkward nature of the wound's location. 

Basil is always a fun, loving champ who absolutely loves his treats. Whilst we absolutely love our time with Basil, we are excited for the near future when he will no longer need to see us.

If you notice any lumps or bumps on your pet, give the clinic a call, and we can schedule you in for a check.


September 2022 - Bluebell

This gorgeous girl is an ageless wonder. I bet it would be hard to believe that the stunning bluebell is 18yrs old! I don't know what night cream she uses, but I need to get a hold of some! 

Despite her stunning appearance, Bluebell's owner noticed with the colder weather she was starting to slow down and appeared a bit stiff. Arthritis is a very common condition in all animals particularly as they start to reach those golden years. After a veterinary examination it was decided that Bluebell would benefit from a course of pentosan injections.

Pentosan in an injectable treatment used to treat arthritis and associated pain by improving the health and quality of affected joints. Courses are generally once weekly for 4 injections repeated every 6 to 12 months.

If you think your golden oldies are starting to slow down and would benefit from a course of pentosan or other supplementation, give the clinic a call to have a chat about your options.



August 2022 - Kenya

The lovely Kenya found herself in a bit of a pickle this month when she came home with large wounds to her lateral chest and flank. It is unknown the cause of the injury, but we have a sneaking suspicion that she might have got into a scuffle with a kangaroo or a fence. 

With a quick check over and a much needed stitch-up, the gentle giant was back in one piece and back to her usual shannigans, over being the cutest big friendly giant in town.



July 2022 - Nugget 

Isn't this little red cattle dog the cutest little nugget you have seen. This gorgeous little pup is new to the area and has already come to see us here at vets, and we are so glad we got to meet the handsome little man. This little man came to us for his first vaccination and microchipping, and it was discovered that he was extra itchy due to a having a flea infestation. With a flea treatment a bath, Nugget's flea problem should resolve, and he will be back to normal in no time. We can't wait to watch as the gorgeous little Nugget matures.

Did you know that puppies are more prone to parasite infestations. In particular, they are more prone to suffer from intestinal worm burdens and are more likely to become clinically ill due to their small stature and developing immune systems. This is why it recommended that puppies are wormed every 2 weeks of age from 2 weeks to 8 weeks, then monthly until 6 months of age. They should also be flea/tick treated at regular intervals as determined by the flea/tick product being used. A combination product such as Nexgard Spectra is a handy monthly option for puppies as they grow, which covers them for all their intestinal worms (except for tapeworm), fleas, ticks, mites (ear mites in particular are also common in puppies) and heartworm.



June 2022 - Violet

The gorgeous Violet is one of our senior citizen cats of Bundanoon. This beautiful old soul is very gentle and regularly comes in to the clinic for a tidy up clip of the mattes that accumulate in her luscious locks. However, this month we saw Miss Violet for a repeat thoracentesis, to drain the chyle fluid off her chest.

Violet has a condition called chylothorax, where this fluid builds up overtime making breathing difficult. Now resting at home after having the excess fluid removed Violet is back to her usual self, being dotted on and loved by her adoring owners. 



May 2022 - Frankie

The lovable Frankie came to us this month, to have some small lumps checked. After sending a sample (FNA - fine needle aspirates) to the lab it was determined that these little lumps were in fact mast cells tumours.

Mast cell tumours are cancerous lumps, it was therefore decided that we would have these removed. Frankie was an absolute gem for her procedures and is now all recovered at home. It is clear that Frankie thinks she is the baby of the family.

If you notice any bumps on lumps on your pets, it is best to have them checked as they can range from benign growths (such as warts, skin tags or cysts) or can be nasty cancerous growths, which without treatment can spread. Often a simple FNA sample is enough to allow us to give you a diagnosis, and a treatment plan can be made from there.


April 2022 - Ghost

Ghost is one of the coolest cats in Bundanoon. Ghost is a regular boarder with us, where he loves his cuddles (in particular his butt scratches) and a good brush. His sweet and friendly nature has made him a fan favourite of our staff.

Ghost was recently seen for a dental after his pre-vaccination health check revealed some not-so-nice teeth. Ghost had a total of 5 teeth out and recovered well at home. Bad teeth is a common issue in both cats and dogs, which can be hard to recognise as they often hide the pain. Once teeth are cleaned and any damaged or rotting teeth are removed, pets are often much happier and pain free. 

We look forward to seeing Ghost back at some point and to see his new pearly white smile!



March 2022 - Ginger

Ginger is one of the sweetest feline residents in Bundanoon. Ginger presented to us for a stitch-up of an abscess on his chin. Prior to undergoing an anaesthetic, we ran routine bloods on Ginger. These bloods were highly indicative that Ginger may have been suffering from Diabetes. With some further diagnostics including urinalysis and a fructosamine test, Ginger was diagnosed with Diabetes. This is not an uncommon disease and can be successfully managed with specialised food and insulin injections. Throughout the diagnostics and treatment process, Ginger has been an absolute gentleman, who is much loved by all us staff.

Ginger's abscess was drained and repaired, and he is now being treated for his diabetes.


February 2022 - Goatie

This little goat was one of our cutest patients of February. Unfortunately for her, she had a sore leg, but with some love from Dr Bianca and a colourful splint she is doing better. We are hopeful that with rest and splinting this little angel will be back to her normal shenanigans in no time.


January 2022 - Snorkel

Snorkel is one of Bundanoon's newest members, and what a cute new addition he is. Snorkel has come to visit us with mum Pippa a couple of times throughout the month. Initially in for a new puppy check over and then for his vaccinations. The dear little snorkel had no trouble winning over the team here at Bundanoon Vet with his cute little smile and chivalrous character. As for all puppies and dogs of Bundanoon whether new additions or seasoned oldies we encourage pet parents to pop in with them just to say hello and grab a treat. We want to make the vet a positive experience for all.


December 2021 - Vinny

This month's pet of the month is Vinny. Mr Vinny gave his mum quite a scare over the new year period after being found unconscious and paralysed. After a quick and thorough veterinary examination it was determined that Vinny had a not so friendly encounter with a 'danger noodle'. With some intensive veterinary care and dedicated nursing, Vinny has made a full recovery and is now enjoying his best life with his fur siblings; Tigger and Peppi and his mum. 



November 2018 - Jeanie

This month's pet of the month is Miss Jeanie.  Unfortunately Jeanie has been very unwell over the past weeks.  She initially came in for treatment for pancreatitis and was also diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus whilst she was here.

Jeanie's parents were kind enough to allow Jeanie spend a weekend with Dr Bianca and her family while her insulin treatment began.  She started the few days quite anxiously but very quickly made herself at home and became a part of the family!....as you can see by the photos!!

Although Jeanie is not enjoying her blood tests or insulin injections, she is still very keen on cuddles and her tail has started wagging at each visit!