In the Bundanoon and surrounding areas there are number of very active wildlife carer groups.  We thoroughly enjoy our work and affiliation with these organisations and recognise and appreciate the incredible work they do in our community.

If you unfortunately injure or find an injured animal anywhere but most commonly on the road, please don't just leave it there as this can be very dangerous for other people and can cause the animal to undergo great and prolonged suffering if it is still alive.  ONLY if it is SAFE to do so, please ensure that you move it to the side of the road, check it's pouch if female to see if it has a baby in there and bring it to veterinarian.  If you are unable to bring it to a local vet then please, call one of the local wildlife rescue organisations.  If it is not safe to move the animal then PLEASE call a wildlife rescue organisation so they can come to help the animal if possible.